Every home owner has a to do list, but most never get around to doing it.  The following maintenance list is just a few of the simple things that can be done now, to reduce or eliminate large heating or repair bills later on.  If you do not have the time or the inclination to tackle these jobs, then give us a call.  We can handle all of them easily, and economically; saving your time and money for more important things in life.  Our quality is better, and our rates are lower, guaranteed!

Windows and doors

  • repair or replace cracked window glass
  • putty, caulk or add weather stripping
  • clean and lubricate hardware
  • clean and install, or remove storm doors and windows


  • Check, clean and replace your furnace filters every 30 days.  The furnace doesn't work as hard; your heating bills are much lower.  And there is less dust in your house.
  • Check for cracks in walls, floors.
  • Check for insect damage;  most termites, or carpenter ants are difficult to find.
  • clean and check all vents for dirt, trash, or blockage
  • remove accumulated junk.   It takes up valuable space, and is a fire hazard.
  • check water heater for proper settings.  Is it vented to the outside? Does it leak?


  • Stain and seal all of the wood on your deck.   Instead of  replacing the deck every 5 to 8 years, regular maintenance will extend the life indefinitely.  Not to mention eliminating the ugliness.
  • check and caulk all cracks in exterior walls, doors, and windows.  A little caulk will stop a lot of air leaks, and save on heating and cooling bills.
  • touch up all exterior painting.  Touching up 5% of the exterior can double the life of the exterior paint job, saving hundreds of dollars.
  • check all plumbing drains and shut offs
  • check all parts of the sprinkler system.
  • Clean the gutters twice a year minimum.  Galvanized metal, or aluminum gutters should outlast the house, but they seldom do.  The dirt, leaves, and other accumulations that collect in the gutters, also absorb and collect water;  That mess prevents the gutters from drying out; which means the gutters rust out from the inside.  Even aluminum gutters seldom last longer than 5 to 8 years. 


  • Check and test the batteries in your smoke detector
  • Check your attic fans and attic vents; check for roof leaks.
  • check windows for air leakage.

These are just a few items for home maintenance that should be done or checked every year.   A well cared for home is more comfortable year round, cheaper to maintain, and worth more when you sell it.  Routine maintenance doesn't cost--it pays dividends in the long run.

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