Car Ports, Patio Covers

Problem:  old patio cover, made of ornamental iron and fiberglass panels, collapsed under heavy snow load.  Can it be replaced with stronger framing-- at the same price?  Yes it can!

This is framing before paint.  (click for larger picture)

4712 before paint.jpg (411314 bytes)
Completed patio cover with paint to match other trim, composition shingles to match the existing roof, with new gutters and downspouts. 4712 patio cover painted.jpg (400199 bytes)
Problem:  Covered parking on a limited budget, on very limited space--just big enough for two cars.

Solution:  A car port built for heavy snow loads and high winds, for half the money of a garage!

Open end  (click for larger picture)

Open Carport.jpg (179823 bytes)
It has a nice roof--now can we enclose two sides? 

Outside view showing a new door and fiberglass panels added  (click for larger picture)

Closed Carport.jpg (235016 bytes)