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    Normal wear and tear take their toal on your home; and regular maintenance is necessary to keep the home livable, and to maintain the value of your property when you sell.  A few quality upgrades, beyond the normal maintenance needed on your home, will not only make it more livable, but will actually pay for themselves when the house is sold, or refinanced.

    Remodeling Magazine's annual nationwide survey, Cost vs. Value, gives some insight into which re-do's are likely to pay for themselves.  Not all remodels are created equal, or provide equal value.

    Remodeling Job       Average Job cost      % of Cost Recouped
Attic Bedroom       35,100        77 - 157%
Master Suite       70,500        71 - 131%
Family Room Addition       53,200        74 - 137%
Minor Kitchen Remodel       16,900      100 - 111%
Major Kitchen Remodel       41,500        97 - 108%
Bathroom Addition       16,200        82 -   89%
Two Story Addition       75,000        81 -   87%
Home Office       11,500        67 -   81%
Bathroom Remodel       10,000        61 -   79%
Basement Finishing       44,500        54 -   64%

    Why is there a "range of value" in the last column?  Job cost influences the final value, but where the home is located, and the value of similar homes in the same area will also influence the final value of the remodel.  If the home is undervalued in relation to similar homes in that area, the remodel will recoup a much larger percent of the job cost.   Knowing the value of your home in relation to your community is the first step in home improvements.

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